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Primary to Secondary Transition Pledge Children/young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) in Bexley

The following pledge has been written by parents/carers with the support of the local authority and our parent/carer forum Bexley Voice.  It was developed in response to feedback gathered through our annual parent/carer survey and Bexley’s local area SEND inspection findings.

This pledge aims to set out what all children with special educational needs and disabilities (those with an education, health and care plan and those at SEN support) and their families can expect when they transition from primary to secondary school. This pledge provides a basic standard from which all schools can develop their own enhanced offer. Schools will have transition arrangements that exceed or are in addition to those described in this pledge.

To support this pledge the local authority has worked with primary and secondary schools to develop standardised transition paperwork that can be used by settings when sharing transition information. This ensures that all key information is captured by primary schools and shared with secondary schools ahead of transition.

Parents/carers who have any questions about their child’s transition to secondary school are advise to contact their child’s current education setting.


Parents/carers of children who have an education health and care plan may also wish to contact their child’s SEN case officer.


Bexley SEN case officers contact details can be found in the EHC Plan section of the Bexley Local Offer - please click here:

To view the pledge please download the document below. 

23 Mar 2018

Ben Tomaschiwskyj
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