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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Information and support for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and their families/carers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Information and support for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and their families/carers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Please click the link below to visit our dedicated coronavirus page providing information, advice and support including easy read guides.






The Bexley Local Offer service continues to offer information by telephone and email.

Email: localoffer@bexley.gov.uk

Telephone:  0203 045 5677 



The Bexley IASS service continues to offer information to parents and young people who need information regarding education, health and social care issues.

Email: bexleyiass@bexley.gov.uk

Telephone: 0203 045 5976 




Bexley Coronavirus helpline - 020 3045 5398 The helpline will be open from 8am to 8pm.
London Borough of Bexley is here to support you during the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of you will have friends, family, neighbours and other support networks to help you, but we are here if you need our help. 
Whether you need someone to get shopping, pick up other essentials, or to give you information, guidance and advice, please call us.  
We will work closely with Bexley’s brilliant voluntary sector and local volunteers to ensure you get the help you need. 






Bexley SEND Education/Schools Service update message-


Dear parent/carer,

As you will be fully aware, the government has issued guidance on what we all need to do and can do to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 Virus.

The government has asked parents to keep their children at home, wherever possible, and asked schools to remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend.

It is important to underline that schools, all childcare settings (including early years settings, childminders and providers of childcare for school-age children), colleges and other
educational establishments, remain safe places for children. But the fewer children making the journey to school, and the fewer children in educational settings, the lower the risk that the virus can spread and infect vulnerable individuals in wider society.

Schools and all childcare providers are therefore being asked to continue to provide care for a limited number of children - children who are vulnerable, and children whose parents are critical to the Covid-19 response and cannot be safely cared for at home.

Vulnerable children include children who are supported by social care, those with safeguarding and welfare needs, including child in need plans, on child protection plans, ‘looked after’
children, young carers, disabled children and those with education, health and care (EHC) plans. Please do contact your child’s school in the first instance to enquire about the school’s offer and opening times.

The Local Authority is working closely with all schools and partners to ensure children and young people with EHC Plans, children who are vulnerable and have a social worker, and
of course children of key workers are receiving education and can access/attend their school. This applies if you as the parent/carer chose to send your child to school from next week onwards or require childcare in as your work is classed as critical to the Covid-19 response.

You will appreciate that this is a testing and difficult time for each and everybody in the community. Schools are working very hard to ensure they can meet needs of
the most vulnerable children and young people, whilst also dealing with and managing staff absences and keeping their staff (and their own families) as well and safe as possible.

We appreciate that this is a time of uncertainty and worry for you and your family, but please be reassured that we will continue to support you the best we can.

We are providing a range of advice and resources via the Local Offer website, so please do make use of this and feedback to us if there is anything missing. We would also welcome you sharing resources you will be using with your children, so that it can be shared for other parents in the community for ideas!

We will keep you updated of any developments. Stay safe and well!





Government education arrangments including EHC Plans, SEN Statutory Assessments and legal obligations during the coronavirus pandemic.

24th March - DfE letter from Vicky Ford MP Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families - please download a copy of the letter from the panel.


02 Apr 2020

Coronavirus (Covid-19) - SEND Information
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