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Bexley Disabled Blue Badge

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Blue Badges are issued to people who fulfill the specific criteria set by the Department for Transport legislation which was updated in August 2019.


The Blue Badge scheme provides a range of parking benefits for disabled people who travel either as drivers or as passengers.

The scheme operates throughout the UK.




Having a Blue Badge helps people who have difficulty in walking to park close to their destination, either as a passenger or driver. However, the badge is only valid for on-street parking and does not automatically apply to other car parks (such as those belonging to the Local Authority, Supermarkets, etc.) or on privately owned roads and at airports.


Issuing of the badge is governed by legislation and people have to meet the criteria. The scheme applies to people with a disability that affects their walking significantly.


Inspire Community Trust (Inspire) provide a range of Disabled Person’s services, including the Blue Badge scheme, on behalf of London Borough of Bexley.

Download the guidance notes and application forms below.

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