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    Children with Disabilities Service Short Break Statement 2018/2019 (SCS-SBS-0718-A001)

    The London Borough of Bexley is committed to delivering a range of Short Breaks for children and young people with SEND, their parents/carers and families. Our aim is to ensure that children and young people with disabilities and their families are supported well and have their needs met.


    To find out more information, please click here to see our Short Breaks Statement.

    Effective Support For Children, Young People and Families in Bexley (LO-CONT-0817-A001)

     Bexley Safeguarding Children Board


    This guidance is for everyone who works with children, young people, their families and carers in Bexley.


    It is about the way we all work together, share information and make sure that children and families are always our main focus and concern when we are providing effective support to them. This advice is to help us to help families to become stronger and more resilient so that they can identify what is difficult and find solutions before their difficulties become so complex that specialist statutory social work help is required.


    To view the Effective Support For Children, Young people and Families in Bexley guidance please click here.



    Draft Learning Disability Strategy Bexley - Consultation have your say (LO-CONT-0317-A001)

    Draft Bexley Learning Disability Strategy

    11 October 2016 - 17 March 2017

    The Council is working together with other organisations and stakeholders on a Draft Learning Disability Strategy for Bexley. A strategy is a plan to manage something or get something done.

    Our draft strategy is about making sure people with a learning disability have good support in the community. It tells you how we plan to help people with a learning disability to stay healthy, live their life and keep safe.


    To complete the survey and have your say please click here.






    Housing in the London Borough of Bexley (SCS-GEN-1015-A001)

    Bexley offers a number of option for people who are looking for a home, including housing support and social housing.

    For more information please click here and find the statement which best describes your current housing situation.

    What is a Child and Family Assessment? (SCS-GEN-0915-A003)

    If a child has been referred to the Children with Disabilities Team the family will be contacted by a children with disabilities social worker. The social worker will discuss with the family the key information that has been provided through the referral and establish if the child/young personal and their family may be eligible for specialist short breaks. The social worker will then make arrangements to visit the family and begin a child and family assessment. This is an assessment that looks in detail at the needs of the child or young person with a disability and those caring for them. The assessment also takes account of all aspects of family life that may be impacting on the needs of the disabled child, siblings, anyone living in the family home and parents/ carer’s ability to care. This assessment considers the following information;

    ·         The severity of a child’s needs and how this impacts on family life
    ·         If there is more than one disabled child in the family
    ·         Other caring responsibilities within the family
    ·         Parental health / disability impacting on ability to carry out caring role
    ·         Isolation and lack of extended social networks
    ·         Adopted children with additional needs
    ·         Children who are looked after by the Local Authority
    ·         Concerns about a child or young person’s safety 

    For more information please contact;

    Children With Disabilities Service

    Address: Civic Offices, 2 Watling Street, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7AT
    Telephone: 020 3045 3600 Email: disabledchildrenserviceunit@bexley.gov.uk

    What is the difference between Safeguarding and Child Protection? (SCS-GEN-0915-A004)

    Safeguarding means proactively seeking to involve the whole community in keeping children safe and promoting their welfare, for example – road safety and anti-bullying work. Child protection is a central part of safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare. It is about  protecting individual children identified as either suffering or at risk of suffering significant harm.  This could be as a result of neglect, physical, sexual or emotional abuse.

    For more information click here to visit the Bexley website

    I am concerned about a child’s safety what should I do? (SCS-GEN-0915-A002)

    If you are concerned about a child or young person's safety please contact the Local Authority by calling the numbers below

    • Telephone 020 8303 7777, Mon – Thurs 9am-5pm, Fri 9am 4.30pm
    • Outside of these times contact the Emergency Duty Team on 020 8303 7777 or 020 8303 7171

    If a child is in immediate danger please call the emergency services on 999

    If we receive a referral which raises a child protection concern, we have a statutory duty to investigate. In such situations a social worker will carry out an assessment and this may involve other agencies such as the police and the child or young person's school.

    For information about safeguarding children visit the Bexley Safeguarding Children Board website

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